GMB Tests, Duplicates, Streetview Schedule, Website Optimization and more

GMB Testing on a Tear, Especially with Restaurants

Blumenthals reports daily testing — “a testament to Google’s continual effort to gain audience and more importantly, keep that audience at Google long enough to complete a transaction” — especially with restaurants, including a reservation answer box and visual attributes. [Blumenthals]

How GMB Menu Listings Can Change Restaurant Search

With the new GMB feature to publish your entire menu with images, consumers are more likely to search by menu item, and see different restaurant results. [GeoMarketing]

What You Need to Know About Duplicate GMB Listings

With MapMaker dead, here’s the steps from expert Joy Hawkins on how to address. [Moz]

When Will Google Fix My Streetview Image?

There’s a schedule for Streetview updates here. [Blumenthals]

17 Killer Link Building Ideas

Lots of things change in SEO, but one thing hasn’t — links matter. [Search Engine Journal]

Easy Ways to Create Local Content to Boost Local Rankings

From NAP in the footers, a reviews/testimonials page and multiple location pages to FAQs and About Us pages. [BrightLocal]

How to Optimize a Small Website: On-Page & Mobile Factors

Great checklist covering coding, navigation and content. [Search Engine Journal]

What Is A Local Citation for Local SEO

The definition, the different types and why it’s important. [Whitespark]


Google Local Guide Drowns, other GMB Updates, Google CTRs by Ranking Position and more

Google Level 5 Local Guide Dies of Caffeine Poisoning While Reviewing Thousands of Starbucks Last Week

GOOGLE SPAM HALL OF SHAME: We’re not sure he died, but he did leave thousands of reviews for Starbucks the first week in June, 2 weeks after reviewing Chick-fil-A’s from California to New York. He and a few other fake review personas are covering franchises everywhere (and reposting old TripAdvisor reviews). [Blumenthals]

Why Did Google Remove Some of My Reviews?

Joy Hawkins tries to explain that algrorithmic filter that misses a lot of spam and can catch real reviews. [Whitespark]

The Ultimate Blueprint for Creating a Super Persuasive Testimonial

Use images, include specifics, make traceable and don’t be afraid to go long. [Quicksprout]

Google Click-Through Rates in 2017 by Ranking Position

The top spot is taking even more click-throughs, but even the last spot on the first page gets twice the clicks of the best Adwords. [Ignite Visibility]

The Best [BLEEP]in’ Local Link Questionnaire

Where do you donate time and money, what do you care about and how would all your employees answer those two questions? [Local Visibility System]

Exceptional Customer Care, and How It Changes Everything

Creating the brand experience titans like Apple and Tesla use to create brand evangelists. [Convince and Convert]

Google Insight Accuracy, the State of Inbound, Shifting Future of SEO and more

How Accurate is Google My Business Insights?

A lot better since the new dashboard in 2014, when Blumenthal started sharing with his clients. Today, he finds it quite good. [Blumenthals]

7 Unannounced Updates to Google My Business in 2017

From permanently closed being removed in maps and Google Plus classic disappearing, to GMB insights running 18 months and snack pack ads. [Search Engine Land]

How Long Can a Google My Business Name Be?

100 characters according to Blumenthals’ relentless testing in his Google Spam Hall of Fame research. [Blumenthals]

Google Testing Highlights in GMB Knowledge Panels

This is so new (and still being tested) it didn’t make the unannounced update list. [Search Engine Land]

What You Need to Know About Duplicate GMB Listings

With Mapmaker dead, here’s some best practices for dealing with duplicate GMB pages. [Moz]

Why Moz Local Doesn’t Work for SABs

Moz’s Miriam posts that since Google’s Places API doesn’t support services area businesses (SABs), Moz Local won’t be accurate. [Local Search Forum]

State of Inbound 2017

Hubspot’s annual research report details key trends in the customer’s increasing control of the business relationship thanks to that pesky world wide web. [Hubspot]

4 Tips to Prepare You for the Future of Search & SEO

Psychology and technology should shape strategy, site structure around topics, beyond Google and flexible measurement. [Search Engine Journal]

5 Massive SEO and Content Shifts You Need to Master Right Now

The convergence of SEO and content, mobile first, hyperlocal, text to voice and machine learning. [Search Engine Land]

New GMB Insights, Getting Down to the Neighborhood with Content and SEO

Google Insights Testing Returning Customers

Spotted in Google My Business Insights is a new graphic showing visitors who return more than once to your GMB pages. [Search Engine Journal]

Juiciest Comments from the 2017 Local Search Survey

From ongoing SEO work and the value of citations to fighting spam and beating the big boys. [Local Visibility System]

How to Do SEO at the Neighborhood Level

Citations, Reviews and Schema. [Search Engine People]

Strengthen Your SEO Strategy in 2017

Get the basic perfectly correct and make your local content plan. [Content Marketing Institute]

The Best Content for Local Business

A great overview of a content strategy that covers fundamentals to build geo-authority. [Moz]

Google Finally Adds Link from GMB to Menu

Sorry SinglePlatform, but now the GMB owner sets the menu link (and it can’t be a PDF, yet). [Blumenthals]

The Flexible SEO Strategy

With updates and search trends a moving target, make your SEO plan a living document. [Search Engine Land]

19 Multicultural Millennial Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

They consume a lot of media (including more print as they get older) and 28% take digital diets. [Hubspot]

Get Found Using Google My Business

Yep, some folks are still new to this. A good recap that you should already know blindfolded.

Content Audits, SSL Checks, Rank Tracking & Dropping and more

How to Do a Content Audit

The exhaustive guide updated from the SEO source. [Moz]

Which Content Marketing Strategies Have the Biggest Impact?

If organic search drives at least half of ALL website traffic, be sure you have the right content strategies. [Quicksprout]

Website Launches that Boost Rankings

The mission-critical SEO checklist for website launches. [Search Engine Journal]

The Problem With Obsessive Rank Tracking

Focus on behaviors and conversions to sort through the rank tracking yo-yo. [Search Engine Land]

How to Check if Your HTTPS Website Still Uses HTTP URLs

Nothing says “not secure” like insecure resources on your supposedly secure (HTTPS compliant) website. [Search Engine People]

GMB Suggested Changes Out of Control!

Copp Marketing calls out the flood of suggested changes Google users can make on GMB pages. [Linkedin]

Understanding Google Schema Guidelines

Blumenthal breaks down his perfect schema scores. [Get Five Stars]

An Open Letter to the SEO Industry

As competitive as rankings can be, there’s a lot of love to go around. [Polemic Digital]

3 Tips on Using SEO to Get a Small Business Noticed

Manta’s CEO recommends embracing keywords, crafting action-inducing content and keeping user-experience ToM. [Martech Advisor]