Content marketing is the creation of material for online distribution. It can be written text, a video, images or something else entirely.

Content marketing is vitally important to business owners of all kinds, whether you’re the sole proprietor of a small business or the owner of a large one with thousands of employees.

Although it’s not considered direct advertising, the purpose of content marketing is to generate interest in your brand. And to convert it into sales and other marketing objectives.

Brand awareness

People once got most of their brand awareness from TV. Now it’s from the Internet. So whether they scroll through their social media or seek directions to a local restaurant, online opportunities abound to put your brand in front of them.

Content marketing is how your online business brand gets in front of potential customers.

It’s about conversions

A conversion is when your content marketing compels someone toward the desired result. For example, your post prompts someone to go to your website and buy an item, or someone signs up at your website for a free facility tour, increasing the odds they’ll become members.

Obviously, you want conversions. Here are some interesting statistics from Lyfe Marketing:

  • More than 60% of online consumers make their buying decisions after they read blog recommendations for the product.
  • Conversion rates for content marketing are about six times higher than other digital marketing methods.
  • In a recent survey, nearly three-fourths of the companies surveyed claim content marketing increased the quantity and quality of their marketing leads.

The key here is quality content. It’s not enough to post just any content and expect conversions to happen. A carefully crafted content marketing strategy that focuses on your online target audience will yield much better results.

Increase credibility

If you post enough quality content, you build your credibility as a brand and an authority in your business.

Say you fix computers. You post a lot of authoritative content to help people with their computers. Your business becomes synonymous with computer repair. The next thing you know, the local news asks you to appear on a segment about home computer repairs.

Not only does your brand get free, quality exposure, you also have a professional video clip to share on social media to further increase your credibility.

And while Google doesn’t publicize what makes one website rank higher than others in an Internet search result, one best guess is the website’s credibility and authority.

If your website’s content marketing makes you more credible, you’ll likely rank higher in search engine results – which is good news for your brand.

Cost effectiveness

When compared to traditional marketing, content marketing costs far less.

There are costs associated with content marketing – especially if you hire someone to create the content or manage your social media. But it’s still much less expensive than television commercials, billboards or radio spots.

Search engine optimization effectiveness

Content marketing can boost the effectiveness of your SEO efforts, draw more customers to your website and compel them to buy your goods or services.

Content marketing is important because it is:

  • Cost-effective
  • An effective way to spotlight what you offer
  • Easily accessible to potential customers
  • A complement your other marketing
  • A boost to your credibility and authority

If you haven’t yet considered a content marketing plan for your business, you’re behind the curve. Pioneer Media can ensure you head in the right direction.