A Medical Case Study – The Review Makeover

You’ve embraced reviews, you’re taking the steps to ask for them and you know how to handle negative reviews. That’s a lot of work. Fortunately there are tools to help. One of the most powerful and flexible is the Owned Review Page with Push Functionality.

Owned Review Page

Rather than pushing all of your customers to the 3rd party review sites — Google, Facebook or Yelp, for example — where they might or might not be comfortable sharing feedback, why not invite them to give you feedback directly on a review page you own? This has several advantages:

Customize your ratings scale and the questions you want answered

Maybe your business offers a few things and you would like to know more about how your customers feel about these offers. Or you have your own metrics for customer service you would like to track.

Better recognize employees or team members for their work

Ask your customers for the name of the individual in your company that worked for them and then be sure to reward employees with great reviews by recognizing their success for your company.

Take negative reviews head on before they become toxic and public on 3rd party review sites

Often, when consumers don’t feel like their complaints are being heard, they escalate to leaving a negative review. Hear their complaints and fix them before they become negative reviews.

Incentivize customers to leave you a review on your website with a special offer

It’s a major violation of the review TOS (Terms of Service) for almost all of the major 3rd party review sites to incentivize (or pay) for reviews, but you have no such restrictions for soliciting reviews to your owned review page.

Review Push Functionality

An owned review page will often quickly pile up positive reviews and provide your business with important customer feedback. Be sure to mark the best of these reviews, and as many as your budget will allow, with local schema.org mark-ups so Google and other search engines know they are reviews.

However, reviews on your website just don’t carry the weight they do on a 3rd party review site. Consumers only expect you to share the most positive reviews when you control what’s being displayed.

Plus, quantity of reviews on 3rd party review sites appear to be a prime ranking factor in Local Search, especially Google reviews in the Local Stack and Facebook reviews in organic search (both Google and Facebook). Yelp is becoming it’s own secondary search engine and with Apple Maps displaying Yelp ratings on iPhone searches, it’s important on its own.

Push Functionality will automatically encourage positive reviews, usually 4 or 5 stars, with direct links to your business’s review page on 3rd party sites. If the review is 3 stars or less, the user will not be encouraged to share their review.

Vendors of Owned Review Pages with Push Functionality

Because of their flexibility, support, social media integration and verification processes, we recommend ReviewBump (OmahaReviewed locally), in partnership with eEndorsements. Local Search Guru Mike Blumenthal’s GetFiveStars is also a good solution. In the home service sector there are several review platforms to consider that can also integrate or handle dispatch services.

Medical Case Study – The Review Makeover

Dr. Popp at Popp Cosmetic Surgery has such a dedicated patient base and excellent word-of-mouth that it can take months to get a first appointment. His online review profile from a handful of patients, across four major platforms, over 8 years, didn’t come close to reflecting that in 2013, especially on the major medical review websites that can be the easiest to manipulate.

We see this all time — a few customer reviews painting an entirely inaccurate picture of a company’s public standing. We suspect in more than a few cases that these are possibly only one customer posing as different reviewers. Very short, one sentence negative reviews grouped together around a specific date are big clues.

Thousands of happy patients weren’t being heard from.

The practice started using the OmahaReviewed system in October 2014 and real customer voices have madeover Popp’s review profile on the internet.

In the first 18 months the practice has earned an average rating of 4.81 stars on a 12% response rate from email requests sent, equalling 159 reviews received and leading to 32 reviews shared on 3rd party sites.

Strength on the 3rd party review sites has improved tremendously.

Google: Four 5 star reviews with an overall 4.8 rating on six reviews

Vitals.com: Four 5-star reviews

Healthgrades.com: Dates and review details aren’t provided, but overall rating increased from 3.5 stars to 4.5 stars

RealSelf.com: 5.0 rating from 6 reviews

Steady effort restored this review order, offering a clearer picture of Dr. Popp’s practice. Anyone who comes into the office receives an email that has a link to the owned review page – reviews.poppcosmeticsurgery.com.

“We ask patients to give us some insight into how there visit was and how we can improve our service,” explained Kathy, the Medical Secretary. Patients are offered a gift card they can use toward products or services in exchange for their reviews. Review requests are only sent once every six months and are sent to both cosmetic and reconstructive patients.

Patients click the link in the mail and are taken to a page where they are invited to rank their experience with Dr. Popp and his staff on a scale of 1-5 stars and then write in their actual review. Kathy said once they do that, then they press send and that’s it.

“It helps that we have really satisfied patients so most people are glad to share their thoughts,” said Kathy.

She estimates they get between 8-10 reviews a week. And she said the majority of these are extremely positive. But they aren’t afraid to hear criticism at Dr. Popp’s office.

“It helps us to know if there’s something we need to work on for our patients’ satisfaction and their experience in the office as well as in surgery. The reviews also get Dr. Popp’s name out there a little bit more, in a different avenue,” said Kathy.

“Dr. Popp is easily relatable and his philosophy is, the more educated a patient is about their procedure, the better the procedure goes. We have a lot of reviews along that line,” Kathy said.

Kathy said she is thrilled that people share their reviews but wishes she could get more patients to share them on other sites as well.

Using their owned review page with push notification has worked out reall well overall. “It is very user friendly. We were intimidated when we first set it up, but once you get the system going, it doesn’t take a lot of time. We are really satisfied with it. I think everyone appreciates feedback,” she said.