Social media marketing is so much more than just an online presence. And creating a few social media profiles and occasionally posting to them about a promotions and sales you have. That simply won’t cut it.

Your social media effort shouldn’t be a recurring monologue. It should be a conversation with your current and potential customers. After all, it’s intended to:

  • Let customers positively interact with you.

  • Build your brand and spotlight your business culture.

  • Compel them to learn more about your product or services.

That can seem a tall order if your experience doesn’t extend much past occasional posts about the grandchildren. But even such limited experience can help the social media marketing of your small- or mid-sized business.

Compare these two posts:

  • “I spent today at the movies with my grandkids.”

  • “Loved seeing Despicable Me 3 with these cuties,” attached to a photo of your grandkids eating popcorn and giggling, and accompanied by a tag with the theater’s location.

Which post would interested you more or make it more likely you’ll respond? Which post is more compelling? Which should yield more interactions?

The second post, with its details and attractive image, is much more likely to. Medium estimates social media posts with images get up to 650% higher engagement than posts without them.

It’s not just images, customers who watch posts with videos are 85% more likely to buy the product featured than with a text-only post, Medium says.

Social media is full of users who are visual creatures, so post accordingly.

Effective Posting Strategies

Develop an effective social media strategy and start a posting campaign. What and how should you post?

  • Post frequently – at least once a day.

  • Post visuals like photos and videos.

  • Post questions or polls that prompt interactions.

  • Post about special events or sales.

  • Post about your employees. If customers feel they “know” them, they’re more likely to be loyal to your brand.

  • Post about community events and local causes you support.

What shouldn’t you post?

  • Anything political that might alienate some of your customers or offend someone. In today’s culture, one iffy post can ruin a business.

  • Direct attacks on your competition. It’s not classy and makes your business seem aggressive and unfriendly. Even passive-aggressive attacks on your competition won’t be well-received.

  • Memes or vines you don’t fully understand. Even if you see their humor, you might post something covertly offensive.

  • Stuff riddled with run-on sentences, unclear thinking and spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure everything looks like a competent adult wrote it.

  • Several posts in a short time. Space out your posts so you don’t overwhelm your customers.

  • Anything copyrighted by other sources.

Your social media channels should feature pleasant, entertaining conversations with current and potential customers. You want them to feel they know and trust you. This makes it far more likely they’ll buy your products and services.

Professional Guidance

If you’re ready to start your social media strategy from square one, Pioneer Media’s Simple Social Media Marketing Guide will assist you. The guide helps you select the social media platforms your customers, most likely, visit. This helps you focus your efforts.

The resulting social media bonds you form with people will pay off in new and returning customers.