Google Posts lets small business owners publish a social media “status” that appears when their businesses appear in a search result or on Google Maps.

Before this relatively new capability, only basic contact details, maybe a photo or two and perhaps some reviews would appear in small business search results. But now this can be expanded to include:

  • Upcoming events
  • Highlighted products
  • Available services

What’s great for business owners is they control what appears and can highlight things based on what their customers want to see. The posts can (and should!) include photos and up to 100 characters that will show up in results. Anything beyond 100 characters is cut off.

If you have multiple posts, the newest one appears first and the subsequent posts appear in a carousel format, Search Engine Land says. The posts don’t last forever. They eventually expire and disappear, but business owners are notified when that will happen.

Start posting

If you’ve already claimed your business on Google, you’re ready to start posting as a business. You can create posts using both desktop and mobile devices. Check out Google’s simple tutorial for creating and managing your Google Posts.

Google Posts’ benefits are numerous. You engage more easily with current and potential customers. You can highlight a new product or service without spending money on ad space. It’s an excellent way to show people what you offer.

Best practices

Any content published as a Google Post for business must be relevant to that specific business. Posting anything else is against Google’s policies. This includes posting links to other businesses or websites not affiliated with the business.

Everything posted must be accurate and cannot mislead in any way. Google actively seeks out and deletes any business posts that fall into this category.

Of course, profanity, nudity and suggestive content aren’t allowed on Google Posts for businesses, nor is graphically violent content.

Monitor insights

Google Posts allows you to monitor the effectiveness and reach of your posts, which is an incredibly helpful capability for any business.

Next week we’ll examine how to easily monitor your insights using Google Posts for businesses.