Re-opening Update for Nebraska and Iowa

Iowa takes the lead with a new public health proclamation opening bars starting tomorrow, expanding seating at both bars and restaurants to groups of 10, casinos, amusement parks, race tracks and music venues to open on June 1 as long as social distancing measures are maintained.

Nebraska is moving to an expanded phase 2, re-opening bars with its 6-6 rule, parties of no more than 6 people at least 6 feet apart at capacities of 50%, but bar patrons must all be seated. Openings now include theaters, swimming pools, venues up 25 people or 25% of capacity, not to exceed 3000 people. Any venue with a capacity exceeding 500 people must submit a plan for re-opening to the county health department.

Google’s May Mayhem Update – Return of the Internationals to Local Search

From May 2 through May 18, Google implemented a rollout of a major update to its search algorithm. Long story short, it appears national sites, particularly social media like Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, Yelp, Facebook and even Amazon, Etsy and eBay were winners with multiple results on the first page at the expense of local business. International recipe and parenting sites didn’t do too badly either.

Some theories suggest the pandemic traffic bump might be influencing the update, but so far, only time will tell.

If you site took a hit, Google’s advice essentially remains the same, E-A-T it, as in build the expertise, authority and trust in your content.

Facebook Takes on Amazon with FB Shops

With a altruistic announcement stating its intention to help to small businesses in this difficult time, Facebook announced the launch of Shops for small and mid-sized businesses to quickly ramp up e-commerce through the social media giant that has already captured classifieds with its buy-sell-trade groups on its Marketplace feature. Not only does Facebook bring and integrate Shops with Instagram, it brings it’s shopping AI tool Groknet that allows it to take virtually any photo and to turn it into a shopping opportunity, facilitating merchant load-in and consumer search.

If your business already does or is considering selling online, it’s a game-changer.