Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

A solid, well thought out content marketing strategy will help increase your website’s credibility, resulting in higher visibility in Internet searches. The goal is to provide valuable information that answers whatever questions your potential customers may have, and to do so in a consistent, easily-consumable way. 1) Business, Know Thy Customer Before writing a single… Read more about Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

Real Deal: Google Q&A Part 2

Last week we discussed Google’s new Questions & Answers feature now available through Google Maps. This week, we delve a little deeper into this feature and how small businesses can use it to their advantage. After all, when Google provides a quick and easy way – free of charge! – to engage with customers, it’s… Read more about Real Deal: Google Q&A Part 2

Real Deal: Google Q&A Part 1

Google can’t know everything, so sometimes they must rely on other people to provide the information a search user is looking for. And since Google can’t always know intuitively what questions people have, they’re now offering people the option to ask questions on Google Maps. A fairly new feature, Google Questions and Answers provides a… Read more about Real Deal: Google Q&A Part 1

Google for Jobs

Google changed the way we get information, where we find places and how we run a business. It’s no surprise it also changed the way we look for jobs. Last year, Google released its “Google for Jobs” program, which job seekers and recruiters quickly labeled a “game changer” in the way job seekers and companies… Read more about Google for Jobs

Real Deal Google Posts

Google Posts lets small business owners publish a social media “status” that appears when their businesses appear in a search result or on Google Maps. Before this relatively new capability, only basic contact details, maybe a photo or two and perhaps some reviews would appear in small business search results. But now this can be… Read more about Real Deal Google Posts