Real Deal: Google Q&A Part 2

Last week we discussed Google’s new Questions & Answers feature now available through Google Maps. This week, we delve a little deeper into this feature and how small businesses can use it to their advantage. After all, when Google provides a quick and easy way – free of charge! – to engage with customers, it’s… Read more about Real Deal: Google Q&A Part 2

Real Deal: Google Q&A Part 1

Google can’t know everything, so sometimes they must rely on other people to provide the information a search user is looking for. And since Google can’t always know intuitively what questions people have, they’re now offering people the option to ask questions on Google Maps. A fairly new feature, Google Questions and Answers provides a… Read more about Real Deal: Google Q&A Part 1

Google for Jobs

Google changed the way we get information, where we find places and how we run a business. It’s no surprise it also changed the way we look for jobs. Last year, Google released its “Google for Jobs” program, which job seekers and recruiters quickly labeled a “game changer” in the way job seekers and companies… Read more about Google for Jobs

Real Deal Google Posts

Google Posts lets small business owners publish a social media “status” that appears when their businesses appear in a search result or on Google Maps. Before this relatively new capability, only basic contact details, maybe a photo or two and perhaps some reviews would appear in small business search results. But now this can be… Read more about Real Deal Google Posts