Omaha’s Fastest Growing Demographic Invites You to Its Largest Family Celebration

A few things to keep in mind when marketing to the Latino Market as Cinco de Mayo approaches

Cinco de Mayo is the largest Latino celebration of the year in the United States.  In Omaha, it’s a three-day festival centered in South Omaha that starts Friday, May 5, and ends Sunday, May 7. The weekend is packed with festivities that include a parade, concerts and an expansive carnival.  Families, young and old, gather to enjoy the event.  Latinos represent 12% of the Metro area population, and a significant portion of marketing dollars.   Here are a few things to keep in mind when marketing to the Latino population:

MANY LATINOS LIVE IN MULTIGENERATIONAL  HOUSEHOLDS.  They are also very family oriented.   Research shows that Latinos have more tightly integrated and localized extended families.  Many family groups include grandparents or aunts and uncles as well as children.  This means decisions, such as what car to buy or college to go to, are made within a group with input potentially provided by all members (whether it’s sought out or not). 

LATINOS TEND TO BE VERY LOYAL.  Take this statement as a “broad sweeping stroke.”  While brand loyalty versus price may vary, personal and purchasing loyalty is strong.  I have had many advertisers state that their sales within the Latino community have skyrocketed due to personal referrals within that community.  This community works hard for each dollar and saves their money.  Treat them with respect and understanding and you will have customers for life. Which brings me to my next point…

LATINOS TEND TO BE SAVERS.  They forecast major expenditures and their plan their savings accordingly to be able to pay in cash. 

LATINOS ARE LOYAL TO THEIR NATIVE CULTURE.  To varying degrees, the Latino community maintain traditions of their native homes. Latino families, whether first, second or third generation are very devoted to their country of origin.  Spanish is frequently the primary language spoken in the home, even when English is dominant otherwise.  When asked, members of the Latino community report they prefer getting their news and day-to-day information in Spanish.   

While younger members of the community are very active on social media, showing some of the highest rates of adoption, mid-age and older members of this community prefer receiving information in print.  64% agree that newspapers keep them up to date on the latest styles and trends and 1 in 5 shopped or purchased an advertised product after seeing it’s print ad. 

Our team here at our weekly El Perico newspaper and our annual Directorio Latino understand how to navigate all of the nuances of the Latino market, and we stand ready to help you grow sales in this vibrant and ever-expanding demographic. 

If you are interested in promoting your business during Cinco de Mayo, please contact us.