July 2017

From the Edge of the Great Plains

Dear Content Marketers:

In July’s PionerMedia Content Marketing Newsletter, Publisher John Heaston and I suggest a feast of eight online posts we think will grow your effectiveness in Content Marketing.

The topics we hope you ponder this month include:

  •  10 Types of Content that Work Best for SEO
  • An A-to-Z Guide to Google Analytics for Content Marketers
  • The Value of Mission-Driven Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing Hacks on a Shoestring Budget
  • 8 Things Any Good Marketer Should Know About Email
  • Mid-Year Content Marketing Checkup
  • How Long Should Your Blog Articles Be?
  • The Ultimate Guide to Small Business SEO

Please note only two of our eight recommended links start with numbers.

If there’s a topic you want us to address in future newsletters, please let us know. We’ll make sure to share the best content we find.

We hope your summer is productive and profitable.

Thomas Gunning

Content Marketing Editor


10 Types of Content That Work Best for SEO

In a comprehensive piece, Rand Fishkin, self-proclaimed “Wizard of Moz” at Moz.com, identifies the 10 distinct content types that work best for SEO. He classifies what formats are suited for which type of queries. In this Whiteboard Friday from last December, he explains those content types and how to use them to satisfy searcher intent, match them to the right projects, and enhance your overall strategy. Fishkin talks specifically about content rather than content for e-commerce product pages, a contact pages and similar kinds of products.


An A-to-Z Guide to Google Analytics for Content Marketers

Analytics makes the world go around, says Payman Taei, designer and founder of Maryland’s HindSite Interactive, particularly in this data-driven environment. According to Forbes, more data was created during the last two years than in all of human history combined. As a result of this massive influx, analytics services, particularly Google Analytics, are now an invaluable tool for content marketers. Analytics lets you go beneath the numbers to the heart of the story that hides in plain sight. If your data give you the “what,” analytics gives you the “where, why, and how.”


The Value of Mission-Driven Content Marketing

To make our content marketing efforts stand out is increasingly tough. The sheer amount of content creation and consumption staggers the imagination, says Anastasia Dyakovskaya, a NewsCred Contributor. Last year, business management software platform Domo released data that showed YouTube users upload 300 hours of new video, Twitter users send almost 350,000 tweets and Instagrammers “like” nearly 250,000 posts – each minute. It seems an insurmountable task to make your voice heard. But quality content rises to the top, and content with a mission goes further. Mission-driven content marketing not only creates customer loyalty. It also leads to increased revenue.


Mobile Marketing Hacks on a Shoestring Budget

One of the most powerful digital marketing tools is literally in your hands, or at least within reach, right now. Mobile Internet usage overtook PCs and laptops in 2016 and has continued to climb, notes David Schneider, co-founder of NinjaOutreach, a blogger software company. More than half of the world’s population uses the Internet, 90% of which is through a mobile device. In 2021, the number of mobile devices may well reach 11.6 billion, pointing to the fact that your business needs to keep up, adapt or slowly wither away. It can be done, even on a shoestring budget.


8 Things Any Good Marketer Should Know About Email

Email is the most valuable tool for any content marketer, says Ann Gynn, editor the Content Marketing Institute blog. She notes 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content. And of those, 91% consider email to be critical. Email can help you build better relationships with your audience, understand behaviors and maximize your paid social content’s reach. That’s the advice from Mathew Sweezey, principal of marketing insights at Salesforce. His tips include how to leverage email in today’s world to why it’s more important than ever to obtain people’s email addresses.


Mid-Year Content Marketing Checkup

In a piece primarily aimed at corporate decision-makers, Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute’s founder, says it’s the perfect time to reflect on content marketing strategy. What works? What doesn’t? What needs to change? Here are some suggestions he makes to those decision-makers. And to us:

  • Get rid of the wannabes. If your internal experts can’t write, use a professional.
  • Partner with non-competitive businesses on content marketing projects.
  • Kill your current e-newsletter. It’s more important than ever, so create real value from its ashes.


How Long Should Your Blog Articles Be? (With Word Counts for Every Industry)

Word count. It’s a topic that gets a lot of notice. Bloggers and content marketers always wonder what the ideal word count to shoot for is, Neil Patel says. Should each single piece be long form, or is it better to opt for shorter pieces? One thing Patel makes clear about word count is it only matters if the content is good. Word count is not a standalone ranking factor. Word count only has merit if the content quality is high. You can produce a 10,000-word article. But if the content and quality suck, then the article doesn’t deserve to get ranked. You lose.


The Ultimate Guide to Small Business SEO

SEO isn’t just for large companies, notes Michiel Heljmans, COO at Yoast.com.  As a small business, there’s a lot properly structured SEO can do for you. Many relate to focus. In his “Ultimate Guide” to small SEO, Heljmans discusses how to find your niche, optimize the pages of your website and strengthen your social media efforts. So long as Google’s local search result pages continue to grow and improve, any small, local business that wants to succeed must keep pace. So here is Heljmans’ ultimate guide to local and small business SEO.