The Hispanic consumer market is powerful and a segment research companies are scrambling to understand so they know know how to effectively market to this group

In this final installment of our three-part series celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, we look at the results of studies and research focused on the Hispanic consumer market.

Beware generalizations

Forbes warns businesses to not rely solely on marketing professionals who are of Hispanic descent and assume they must be the experts. Instead, seek out the best marketing professionals and use consultants as needed.

While it’s incredibly important to understand Hispanic culture and lifestyle to effectively market to them, it’s also important to have marketing professionals in place who actually know how to market effectively.

Likewise, all Hispanics can’t be lumped together into one homogeneous group. Like any other market, there are different segments. Consider the generational differences in the Hispanic market alone. Like any other consumer market, there are Baby Boomers and millennials and everything in between.

Lionbridge estimates six in 10 Hispanics are millennials or younger. This means when you look at the Hispanic market, more often than not, you look at millennials.

Hispanic millennials

Lionbridge provided tips for understanding millennials who are Hispanic:

  • Those millennials are often second-generation to the U.S.
  • Most have adopted American customs, yet still appreciate and respect Hispanic customs.
  • Many are bilingual.

Tips for marketing

According to Liongate, there are best practices for marketing to Hispanic consumers:

  • Use both English and Spanish in campaign wording. English should be the primary language of the campaign, but pepper Spanish throughout.
  • When possible, use Hispanic talent and imagery in campaigns. But Liongate warns not to “force it,” making it look fake or stereotypical.
  • All campaigns should be mobile-friendly because it’s estimated Hispanic mobile phone users are more likely to access the Internet with their phones than other groups.
  • All marketing should be consistent – don’t have a Spanish-language ordering page on your website if the home page has zero Spanish.
  • Diversity among Hispanics is rich and prevalent – there is no one Hispanic consumer to appeal to.

Think digital

As mentioned above, Hispanics are active online. This point has been studied extensively and bears repeating: Hispanic consumers are tech-savvy and active digital consumers.

So while you don’t want to focus solely on digital marketing for the Hispanic market, it should be a big focus.