With a Google City Partner Trusted Verifier

As we explained in our Google My Business series, Google Search, Google Maps, Google + – all of these Google services display your business information, which includes everything from location and hours of operation to reviews and description. With 96% of consumers searching online, it’s essentially your listing in the new phone book. That’s why it’s so important to claim and verify your business listings on Google and to make sure that all of your information is up to date.

A critical part of that process is verification so that Google knows it’s really your business when you claim ownership of a business listing on Google. Verification also allows you to track information critical to your business in Google searches, including:

1) How often your business listing shows up in Google searches

2) How many and when customers click-to-call your business from a Google search, likely the largest, single source of phone calls to your business

3) How many customers click to your website

4) How many customers click to get directions to your business

5) How to manage and respond to Google reviews of your business

If Google is the new phone book, this information is very important to understanding how your business shows up.

GoogleTrustedVerifierAppVerificationGoogle My Business Verification Made Easy

After claiming a business listing on Google, there were traditionally two ways to verify ownership:

1) Request a postcard from Google with a verification code, wait a few weeks and then log into your GMB account to enter the code.

2) Request an automated phone call from Google while logged into your GMB account to enter the code, tying up your main business phone line.

But there’s now a 3rd way, and this is the best, easiest and fastest way to get your business verified.

Trusted Verifiers – Google’s “superheroes” of verification

As a Google City Partner, Pioneer Media has Trusted Verifiers, individuals vetted by Google as someone they trust to validate and verify, in person, that a business really exists and the Google account claiming that business is the correct account.

Clay Seaman was the first Trusted Verifier at Pioneer Media, completing a test to become certified, and is among the first to download and use the Google Trusted Verifier app. There are three main advantages to Trusted Verification:

1) Save Time and Resources

A Trusted Verifier will save businesses time and resources in the verification process

2) Accuracy and Optimization on Your Google My Business Page

Making sure key business information is correct, especially business category, is critical to success in Google search

3) Extra Google My Business Support

A Trusted Verifier is trained to address most Google My Business issues, but also has the ability to work with the Google My Business support team.

“A Trusted Verifier gives businesses the opportunity to claim Google My Business pages within seconds instead of weeks,” Seaman said, “without tying up their business phone line.”

Google keeps track of those businesses verified by a Trusted Verifier, who is trained to insure your business information is accurate and optimized and can address most Google My Business issues that could arise, but can also address any issues directly with the Google My Business support team.

“A key component is the selection of categories when you claim your GMB page,” explained Seaman, “so your business will come up on search results. Most GMB’s are not set up properly with categories that don’t match the business and ultimately hurts their search results.”

A Trusted Verifier and the app are a fairly new verification method for Google My Business. Seaman can use the Trusted Verifier mobile app to verify local businesses. The app records verifications made in-person by trusted partners and sends them to Google, along with the verifier’s location at the time of verification.

The process is fairly easy for a Trusted Verifier. Seaman simply checks to see if a business has been claimed. If it hasn’t, Seaman inputs the business’s information and claims it for the business. If the business is logged in via web browser on their smart phone or their computer, all that is needed is to claim and optimize. The business will see the “benefits and a dashboard with key insights on the Google My Business page, including review statuses,” he said.

If the verifier’s device isn’t online when it verifies a business, the recorded verification is saved on the device and uploaded when the device gets back online. Once the record reaches Google, the local business is verified, just as it would be if it used any of the other verification methods.

And that’s it. A Google My Business page that is verified is considered more authoritative and reliable than a Google My Business page that has only been claimed. Plus, you’ll get key statistics on how your business is found and reached by customers.

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