A solid, well thought out content marketing strategy will help increase your website’s credibility, resulting in higher visibility in Internet searches. The goal is to provide valuable information that answers whatever questions your potential customers may have, and to do so in a consistent, easily-consumable way.

1) Business, Know Thy Customer

Before writing a single word of content on your website, you should have already spent time figuring out who your customer is, and perhaps most importantly, what they want. Once you know who your customer is, write your content with them in mind. For example:

  • Will your target market of millennial’s understand your clever joke about M*A*S*H? Probably not.
  • Will your target market of older Baby Boomers be able to navigate a complicated website with so much text that the font must be teeny-tiny? No – and their frustration might make them never visit your website ever again.
  • Your content asking women if they ever get sick of always cleaning the house doesn’t make your target market of females feel like you understand them. Instead, it makes them feel like you’re reducing them to an outdated stereotype and alienating them.

Know which social media your customers use and have active accounts on those platforms.

2) Make it a conversation

Encourage feedback on both your social media profiles and your website. Customers want to feel as though they have a voice and their concerns are quickly addressed. Quickly respond to questions or concerns because remember: everyone on the social media platform is watching. It’s quite possible to gain new customers if they’re impressed by how something is handled online, just as it’s possible to lose potential customers if something isn’t handled well in a public forum.

3) Have a consistent voice

Writers have different “voices,” but your brand should have one consistent voice throughout all content. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to only one writer for all your content, but instead that all your writers should be familiar with Internet best practices and format content similarly.

Internet readers want to be able to skim content to find what they’re looking for. Headers, bulleted lists, hyperlinks to more information, and brevity in content should be followed by all your content writers, just as correct spelling, grammar, and fact-checked information should.

Simply put, if your writers can’t provide good writing, no content marketing strategy is going to work.

4) Have measurable goals and work toward them

What do you hope to accomplish with your content marketing? Do you want more followers on social media, or more customers overall, or do you want your website to be the first result in a Google search? Once you know what your goals are it’s easier to work toward them. Everything you do with regards to content marketing should be designed to help you accomplish your goals. Otherwise you’ll flail around with content and waste your time.

5) Strive for credibility

Although Google doesn’t reveal any secret formula for getting to the top of their search results, it’s agreed upon by experienced content marketers that credibility is amazingly important. For that reason, provide original, valuable content that is entirely accurate and doesn’t appear anywhere else online. If you can create content that gets shared and referenced by other websites, your website’s credibility will soar and it’s more likely you’ll experience an increase in website visitors – and perhaps more customers.

The Takeaway:

  1. Research your target customers and customize content to speak to them.
  2. Have a plan in place to actively engage with customers in a prompt manner.
  3. Create a team of capable content writers with a consistent voice.
  4. Everything you do should work toward your goals.
  5. Become an authority by providing quality content.

This is merely a starting point checklist for crafting an effective content marketing strategy checklist, but these points are often overlooked by businesses that try to “trick” Google into ranking them high by stuffing content with keywords. Quality content rules the Internet.

Pioneer Media’s content marketing experts can help your business in every stage of content marketing, whether you’ve been at it for years or you have not yet begun.