Local SEO Prayer, Yext Files IPO, the Ridiculous Power of Reviews and more

7 Spiritual Laws of Social Media Success

Go Deepak Chopra on your social media. [Search Engine Journal]

Recent Google Changes: SEO Tactics that Move the Needle in 2017

A chat recap of SEO experts from the mother of all data on SEO providers. [SEMRush]

Yext Files $100 Million IPO

Pitching itself as a knowledge engine for search when filing for its initial public offering with the SEC, Yext reveals $89 million in revenue but a $28 million loss for the first three quarters of 2016. [Search Engine Land]

The Ridiculous Hidden Power of Local Reviews

From early conversions to more page one Google space, make local reviews essential. [Local Visibility System]

The Local Search Serenity Prayer

Omaha’s own Meghan Trapp of B2 Interactive preaches physical location acceptance, courage to change and SEO wisdom. Amen! [B2Interactive]

GMB Ownership Conflict Resolution Being Automated

A more streamlined process for business owners trying to reclaim the GMB page after handing it over to a 3rd party. [Search Engine Journal]

SEO basics: How to use social media

Be alive and captivating. Diversify and respond. Engage and use metadata. [Yoast]

User Testing the SERPs: How Do Customers Really Search?

Start with the data, but get human by gathering assumptions, recruiting real people and testing. [Seer Interactive]

The Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar for 2017

By month and for the year in a downloadable format. [Hubspot]

What Can Your Business Learn From Restaurant Marketing [Infographic]

Consumer trends, digital presence, offline presence and the dine-in experience has lessons for every business. [Hubspot]

HTTPs Now, Google Guides, Balance Reviews, Digital Strategy and Tight Budgets

HTTPS vs. HTTP – How Security Affects SEO

Better rankings, referral data and security all add up. [SEMRush]

Redirecting Your Site to non-WWW and HTTPS

Test forcing HTTPS, and if you do, add HSTS. [Yoast]

Level 5 Google Guides Can Moderate GMBs

With the demise of MapMaker, Google lets Level 5 Local Guides moderate GMB details from a desktop. [Blumenthals]

The Secret To Balancing An Online Review Strategy

Have a multi-prong approach to building good review profiles on your most important review sites. [Convince & Convert]

State of Digital Marketing 2017

How SEO, Social Media, PPC and Content Marketing should be used, according to a survey of 230 digital marketers. [Search Engine Journal]

3 Simple Ways to SEO on a Shoestring

Target long-tail keywords, provide quality content and local optimization. [Search Engine Journal]

5 Ways to Amplify Content Without Spending

Original research, exhaustive guides, industry trends, sharing the best and leveraging influencers. [Quicksprout]

Beginner’s Guide to Small Business Digital Marketing

Website, blog, brand, email, conversion and social media suggestions. [Hubspot]

2017 Ranking Factors, Fred, Getting Back to Basics and More

Fred? Signs of Another Google Algorithm Update

Spam-related links take another hit as the black hat SEO community grumbles (and us white hats cheer). [Search Engine Land]

6 Common Misperceptions about SEO that Hurt Digital Marketing

From SEO is a one-time-only thing to it being replaced by content marketing, don’t let these misperceptions keep SEO from being an integral part of your digital marketing. [SEMRush]

2017 Local Search Ranking Factors Sneak Peek

From Whitespark’s Darren Shaw’s presentation at Mozcon Local, link signals, review signals, behavioral signals and personalization all saw increasing importance. [SlideShare]

SEO Ranking Factors 2017

Law firm marketing and SEO content writing firm WDWC shares their list of important ranking factors for 2017. [We Do Web Content]

5 Local SEO Experts Share Voice Search and “Near Me” Predictions

Consistency and considering local intent and context are a common theme. [Search Engine People]

10 Steps to Help Your Business Flourish on Facebook

Flesh it out, schedule consistency, engage, and yes, pay for some advertising. [Marketing Land]

Getting Back to SEO Basics

Near me, voice search — the trends matter, but they don’t mean a thing without the fundamentals. [Search Engine Land]

The 5 Step Guide to Local SEO

From make your website not awful, to local content and local backlinks, a great overview to Local SEO. [Smokehouse SEO]

Print Strong, GMB Basics, Human SEO, Rich Review Snippets, Entity Authority and More

The Very Basics of Claiming & Optimizing a GMB Page

If you do nothing else, start here. [AdviceLocal]

Human Approach to SEO

Content with context, Schema and UX. [Rocks Digital]

4 GA Reports Every CM Should Use

Use page traffic, navigation summary, organic search acquisition and conversions in Google Analytics reporting. [Content Marketing Institute]

Research Reinforces Print

Why do top digital advertisers like Apple, Amazon, DirecTV and Dell use print advertising in the marketing mix? Uh, it works, even with Millennials. [INMA]

Getting Rich Review Snippets

Tips from the Local SEO master and GetFiveStars founder and demo lead, Mike Blumenthal. [LocalU video]

Google is the New Home Page for SMBs

It’s not about your website anymore, from Mihm and Blumenthal. [StreetFightMag]

The Difference-Making Local Ranking Factor of 2020

David Mihm, the founder of Moz.com/local (fka GetListed.org) discusses Entity Authority and importance of engagement. [Tidings]

Google Testing New Mobile Local Finder

Blumenthal notes the Google iPhone Search app is a proving ground for rollouts to other devices, and this new test is map based, not list based. [Blumenthals]

First 2017 Lists — White Hats, SEO Factors, Mistakes and more

2017’s Most Important Ranking Factors

According to industry leader studies, it’s content, backlinks, mobile-first UX and on-page optimization. [Search Engine Journal]

White Hat Link Building in 2017

Relevancy, relationship building, anchor text distribution, quality content and social media are some of the top tactics. [Search Engine People]

10 Dangerous Website Mistakes That Destroy SEO

Test, optimize and adjust sums up this great list of steps to follow with your website. [Raven Tools]

How to Create a Killer SEO Plan for 2017

Think local, mobile first, warp speed, voice search and scannable content. [Quicksprout]

Keeping Up with Google Changes

5 online resources and a short list of Twitter accounts to follow, may of which you’ve seen here before. [Search Engine Journal]

5 Simple Ways to Dominate Local SEO in 2017

Title tags and meta descriptions, directories/citations, Google My Business, reviews and Schema.org. [Search Engine Land]

SMBs Are Overwhelmed, How To Stand Out

A Local Search Association survey runs down the top objections and how you can stand out from the competition bringing digital marketing services to your customers. [Search Engine Land]

How to Nail a Local SEO Pitch

Especially when a client’s caught-up in the latest fad and knows nothing about the most important foundation to their digital marketing. [Search Engine Land]