Cinco de Mayo 2017 – A Celebration for Everyone

Cinco de Mayo translates as The Fifth of May, which commemorates Mexico’s victory against the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

Contrary to popular belief, the holiday is not Mexico’s Independence Day – that’s celebrated September 16. Although Cinco de Mayo is a relatively minor event in Mexico, here in the U.S. it has evolved into a rich celebration of Mexican culture and pride.

In Omaha, it’s a three-day festival centered in South Omaha that starts Friday, May 5, and ends Sunday, May 7. The weekend is packed with festivities that include a parade, concerts and an expansive carnival.

Omaha’s Fastest Growing Demographic Welcomes Everyone

A large majority of Omaha’s Latino population hales from Mexico and its growth mirrors the growth of Cinco de Mayo here. Between 2005 and 2014, the Latino population growth rate was more than five times that of the overall population growth in the state (55% vs. 10%).

Approximately 190,000 Latinos resided in Nebraska in 2014, with around 65,000 living in Douglas County, reports the study Latinos and the Economic Downturn in Nebraska: Demographic and Socioeconomic Trends 2005-2013/2014, issued in July 2016 by the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Office of Latino/Latin American Studies.

According to OLLAS’s Latino Population Trends interactive map, there were 14,000 living in Sarpy County in 2013 for a combined population near 80,000 for Omaha metropolitan area.

The key catalyst behind Latino population growth, the report finds, is its relatively young population. U.S.-born Latinos now make up two-thirds of the Nebraska Hispanic population and a full 92% of Latino children under 18 are American-born citizens. Within that under-18 group in the state, a full 38% speak only English and 79% were found to speak English “very well.”

Taking our fastest growing demographic segment and the city’s biggest family celebration to see why our entire community comes together for Cinco de Mayo. You see it in the parade, the carnival and all the events.

A well-attended fiesta

Nearly 100,000 people attend the festivities each year. Cinco de Mayo is an excellent chance for area businesses to be involved in the community and get their names in front of potential customers.

  • Join the Parade: The cost to participate in the parade is small. It starts at $180 for a small business, which is modest when you consider the many potential customers who line the parade route. Register here for a parade spot.
  • Exhibit at the Carnival: You can connect with attendees by distributing information, samples or a smile and a handshake. If you ever wanted to chat with thousands about what your business provides, this is your cost-effective opportunity. Register here to be an exhibitor.
  • Become a Sponsor: South Omaha and thousands of other residents turn out for this annual celebration. By sponsoring Cinco de Mayo, you demonstrate an admiration for the lively Mexican culture that’s an integral part of the Omaha community. Join El Perico as a sponsor by contacting Cinco de Mayo Omaha to inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

Omaha’s annual Cinco de Mayo is a festive time for families and businesses. It’s one of the best marketing opportunities in the Midwest for your business to connect with potential customers while you join in the celebration.

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Outdoor Events Marketing

As winter ends, it’s time to consider involving your business with some of the many outdoor events in Omaha. It’s a great chance to reach a spectrum of potential customers while you also demonstrate your company’s willingness to support local events.

Marketing tips for outdoor events

There is so much more to outdoor event marketing than to set up a table and offer flyers to passersby. Make your marketing efforts effective by following these tips:

  • Engage with people. Every person who walks by your table is a potential customer. If you staff your table with people who spend their time glancing at their phones, you don’t paint the picture of a welcoming business. Whoever represents your business at an event should come out from behind the table and engage with people.
  • Offer something. You don’t have to give a lot to make a great impression. American Express suggests you hand out paper fans with your company’s logo on them at hot outdoor festivals. Soon the festival is full of people who display your logo as they fan themselves. This puts your business front and center for very little cost.
  • Collect information. A raffle for a gift basket or other prize prompts people to provide valuable information (name, phone number, email address) that you can use for follow-up.
  • Have a call to action. Encourage people to sign up for consultations or to visit your business for special “festival pricing.” Consider the festival the start of your relationship with these potential customers.

You probably can’t be at every single event in the Omaha area, so be selective. Get involved with those festivals that typically attract the type of people likely to become your customers.

Upcoming events

Here is a brief list of some of the events scheduled in the Omaha area we would recommend for sponsorship consideration:

  • Earth Day Omaha: April 22. The first big event to kick-off the season. Last call – THIS WEEK IS THE FINAL WEEK to be a sponsor or have a booth AND to get listed in the program. Ideal for families and young professionals. Partnered with the March for Science this year.
  • Cinco de Mayo: May 5-7. Now the largest family event in the Omaha metro area, limited time left to sponsor, get a booth or enter the parade.
  • Taste of Omaha: June 2-4. This is one of the largest food festivals in the Midwest. Fill out an application to apply for a booth as either a food vendor or for the marketplace area.
  • Santa Lucia Festival: June 8-11. A celebration of Santa Lucia and Omaha’s Little Italy community and one of the oldest continually running festivals in Omaha, contact the organizers to discuss your possible involvement.
  • The Summer Arts Festival: June 9-11. One of Omaha’s largest outdoor events with a great music line-up and a family friendly atmosphere heading into its 43rd  year. Sponsorship information is available here.
  • Heartland Pride: June 16-24. Celebrating the LGBTQ community, sponsorship or vendor inquiries can be made by contacting Heartland Pride. As the longest running consistent media sponsor for this event, The Reader can not say enough about what a great crowd it is.
  • Shakespeare on the Green: June 22-July 9. Designed to engage, educate and entertain, this Omaha favorite enjoys high attendance numbers every year. Very culturally oriented audience, ranging from young professionals to Baby Boomers. Inquire about sponsorship here.
  • Toast of the Old Market/Food Day: 30. Okay, we’re deep into helping with this one, but when your 3-year headliner makes NBC’s The Voice, this might be the year to get involved with one of the only events deep in the heart of the Old Market! Not to mention the explosive growth in the healthy and local food movement locally. Just reply to this email for more info.

Learn more about upcoming festivals and other summer events before you pick one or more to get involved with. Organizers can reveal important information to help you decide, such as past attendance and the basic demographics of attendees.

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